Coin Master Joker Cards – Detailed Guide

Every Coin Master Joker Cards player desperately searches for rare cards, but those Joker cards hold a special appeal. If you’re wondering how to get them, look no further, because we’re about to unravel the mystery for you.

Cards have great value for players in the Coin Master’s realm. They are gateways to spins and thousands of coins, but completing a set of cards is no easy feat.

In particular, rare cards are not easily transferred between players or traded. The solution lies in the rare Joker card.


what exactly is Coin Master Joker Card?

Essentially, the Joker card is a versatile asset that can be turned into any rare card. Let’s say you’ve only made one card and completed a set, and it turns out to be a gold card, which is rarely known. In a situation like this, if you have the Joker card, you have two options.

  • A search for a rare gold note.
  • Use your Joker card to get an instant gold card.

Coin Master players need to understand the meaning and possibilities of the Joker card.

How to get a Joker Card?

Getting a Joker card is also a rarity, but fear not, as there are two main ways to get one.

  1. Special events.
  2. Boxes purchased.
  3. While the Special Event is familiar to most players, let’s explore the process of obtaining Joker cards through a box purchase.

How do you change the Joker card?

Joker cards can be obtained through different boxes in different villages. The chances of finding rare items increase dramatically in the Joker Card especially when you choose fancy boxes in high-end villages

Here’s a breakdown of the chests and their respective possibilities for the Joker card:

ChestsChance by %
Black Friday Royal Chest20.00%
Cyber Crown Chest7.14%
Big Circus Chest6.60%
Foxy Chest5.00%
Dragon Chest5.00%
Carnival Chest5.00%
Labor Day Party Chest5.00%
Big Wild Chest4.00%
Spring Surprise Chest4.00%
Fireworks Chest4.00%
Galaxy Gold Chest4.00%
Golden Halloween Chest4.00%
Gold Medal Chest3.33%
Small Circus Chest3.20%
Rhino Chest3.20%
Labor Day Chest3.20%
Tiger Chest2.45%
Sunshine Chest2.45%
Wild Chest2.45%
Red Crown Chest2.40%
Small Wild Chest2.40%
Eighties Chest2.40%
Cyber Monday Chest2.40%
Fiesta Chest2.40%
4th of July Chest2.40%
Ancient Egypt Chest1.80%
Sixties Chest1.60%
Chinese New Year Chest1.50%
Surprise Chest1.50%
Halloween Spook Chest1.50%
Golden Trunk Chest1.25%
Lucky Silver Chest1.25%
Lucky Gold Chest1.00%
Purple Crystal Chest1.00%
Travel Chest1.00%
Big in Japan Chest1.00%
Magical Map Chest1.00%
Baseball Chest1.00%
Enchanted Evil Chest1.00%
Santa Stamp Chest1.00%

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